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Sicherheitssysteme Sicherheitstechnik Gebäudesicherheit

Safety technology

Safety technology

Electronical and Mechanical Security Technology

Definition of Mechanical Security Technology
As a rule of thumb, mechanics beat electronics! Whilst electronic security technology first and foremost serves detection, mechanical security technology serves in particular the prevention of threats to lives and material assets. Complete, well designed and, above all, professionally and properly installed, mechanical security technology makes sure that the resistance capacities a perpetrator has to overcome, e.g. in terms of doors and windows, are enhanced. The result: the perpetrator will in most cases abandon their attempt to intrude. Particular importance lies in:
- the protection of doors and windows
- protective fittings and security locks (security cylinder locks)
- basement well lockings and frame joint protection

Definition of Electronic Security Technology
Threats to life and material assets must be detected as soon as possible, ideally automatically, then analysed, evaluated and reported to a helping office. Therefore, electronic security technology is deployed where simple and solely mechanical security measures are not sufficient. These comprise, amongst other things
- break-in detection technology and danger signaling technology
- electric locking of doors in escape routes to prevent misuse
- video surveillance systems
- access control and authorisation systems



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