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Sicherheitssysteme Sicherheitstechnik Gebäudesicherheit

Access Concepts

Access Concepts: Advice, analysis, planning

Whatever the task - draft a detailed plan for a classic mechanical master key system, or digitally connect an existent system so that all functions can be controlled by means of a central data processing system: we are looking forward to complex challenges.
Access plans in particular can easily become rather difficult tasks. All the more so when they need to span complexes with several buildings - as was the case with the federal buildings. Who may open what doors? When do what safety locks have to keep out who? What characteristics are important for the escape and emergency routes? Those are the questions we discuss together with our customers when planning our access concepts. Increasingly, the integration of business applications such as SAP or personnel administration and time recording programmes play an important role. Here as well we will lend you our support and offer you our expertise.



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