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Sicherheitssysteme Sicherheitstechnik Gebäudesicherheit


Building safety starts with the key

key - but, in fact, that's just a small component really. This applies both to private houses as well as to large commercial properties or extensive government complexes. Moreover, if one takes building safety as seriously as we do, it doesn't end with access management. On the contrary, it involves room monitoring, as well as the integration of the personnel administration software, fire protection and secure storage of important data.

The basis of our services is an extensive analysis and manufacturer-independent advice. Be it "just" a sales conversation concerning the purchase of a cylinder lock or the full conceptual design and planning of a complex building with thousands of doors.

Planning, purchase, installation: many of these things we do ourselves, with our own teams at the property location. Where this isn't possible we work together with selected partners.

Similar scrutiny applies when chosing manufacturers. Here we place the emphasis on well-known products that have proved of value umpteen times. Among our partners there are companies like Abus, BKS, Burg-Wächter, CES, DOM, Dorma, eff-eff, IKON, Kaba, Telenot or SimonsVoss. These are companies we can rely on and recommend with a clear conscience. To find optimal products for each intended use - that is the basis of the choices we make.



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