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Sicherheitssysteme Sicherheitstechnik Gebäudesicherheit


Trust and confidence are the basis

of a well-functioning business partnership. That is all the more true when the task consists of the protection of the employees, the customers, one's own business or home against unauthorised access. Trust and confidence really are the core issues when it comes to particularly safety-sensitive goods. Like at the Dortmund Volksbank for which we designed and fitted the locking system for its new building in central Dortmund - in line with the latest standards. Everything works well, reliably and conveniently, thanks to contactless operation.

Other customers who are particularly safety-conscious rely on us too. Among them are more banks such as the savings banks of Dortmund and Remscheid. Also safety experts such as the Dortmund Police Department whose headquarters we have fitted out with a contactless access management system. With our help also the Bochum regional court keep away trespassers, ditto the local court and the public prosecution authority of Dortmund, the Schwerte correctional facility, and Dortmund's forensic department.

Transparency, glass, visibility, that is what marks the federal buildings surrounding the Reichstag in Berlin which, with its glass dome, allows visibility to the inside. Whatever the intended openness of the republic's centres of power, sensitive areas must be inaccessible for trespassers. Again this is delivered by technologies provided by Weckbacher. The locking systems both for the Reichstag and the federal buildings along the Spreebogen, and last but not least for the chancellery were designed and fitted by us.



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