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Managing access

- that's what we prefer instead of locking up, shutting away, sealing off. And this is not just words since even high security places must be accessible. Be it even for a small group of people. After all, work is being done here, people must enter and exit, things are stored that need to be accessed. We believe that this too should be reflected by those locations. And we are glad that state-of-the-art technologies such as contactless access management allow us to make even safety locks look inviting. Superior locking technology and automatic access management doesn't need to come across as threatening. Here, the right technology makes sure that only authorised people get access. That sounds easy. In real life, of course, it isn't.

Even with a simple mechanical locking system things quickly become somewhat complex: Which doors are to be locked or unlocked by which keys - this question is important even with regard to a home office. External employees must of course be able to access the front door, the bathroom, the hallway. But certainly not private rooms. Except for the cellar which also serves as a document archive.

Given that even such small access concepts require due consideration, it becomes quite clear how much expertise is needed in order to manage the access to entire office complexes for thousands of employees. In both cases tailor-made safety concepts are needed. That is what we deliver.



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