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Sicherheitssysteme Sicherheitstechnik Gebäudesicherheit


Sicherheitstechnik Sicherheitssysteme

Knowledge and competence

are key concepts of the present-day economy. Good products, good ideas are trying to attract customers. This does also apply in the safety industry. Accordingly, this is reflected in the vast range of products. To provide the right thing at the right place, for us, who design and provide tailor-made safety this means to recognise product developments, critically follow them and stay up to date. For only a safety component that does what we expect from it is a good safety component.

For both aspects, the planning and implementation of technical skills are vital and must be kept up to date. Our planning engineers and safety advisors as well as our installation specialists undergo continuous further training. For you round about 30 employees stay up to date. Because whether it is about a key question or a complex locking system of a major project: we make sure we know what we are talking about.

Our know-how is of value to others too: Weckbacher's CEO/Managing Director/Executive Director Dirk Rutenhofer with his decade-long experience in safety issues is a much sought-after expert for further training seminars. As an officially appointed and sworn expert for doors (burglary protection, fire protection and equipment) he contributes his technical skills as an expert before the courts, arbitrative boards and in the field of private customers.



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